A primary category containing information pertaining to the general subject of non-Federal labor, employment status, unemployment, wage rates, earnings, labor statistics and matters relating to arbitration; national and independent labor unions and labor management relations; investigations of labor racketeering practices.


Subject categories and sub-categories fully available for research are bolded. Closed categories and sub-categories have a simple phrase describing their contents.


                                 DESCRIPTION OF SECONDARY FILE CODES


File Code                         Description


LA                                   Labor – Management Relations (Non-Government)


LA001                              Boards – Panels (Labor)


LA001-01                          Emergency Boards – Commissions


LA001-02                          Inquiry, Boards of


LA002                              Conditions – Employment – Unemployment


LA002-01                          Aged Employment


LA002-02                          Handicapped Labor


LA002-03                          Youth Employment


LA003                              Unions – Fair Labor Standards


LA004                              Migratory – Seasonal Labor


LA005                              Strikes – Work Stoppages – Arbitration


LA005-01                          Aerospace Strikes


LA005-02                          Chemicals and Allied Products, Strikes


LA005-03                          Coal, Strikes


LA005-04                          Communications, Strikes


LA005-05                          Construction – Housing Strikes


LA005-06                          Food and Kindred Products, Strikes


LA005-07                          Furniture – Fixtures – Strikes


LA005-08                          Lumber – Wood – Paper Strikes


LA005-09                          Machinery Strikes


LA005-10                          Metal Strikes


LA005-11                          Petroleum Strikes


LA005-12                          Plastics – Rubber – Leather and Products


LA005-13                          Services Strikes


LA005-14                          Textiles – Apparel Strikes


LA005-15                          Transportation Strikes


LA006                              Wages – Hours (1.8 l.ft; boxes 1-5)

This secondary subject category contains materials relating to the Davis-Bacon Act governing wages paid for Federal construction contracts (including Administration statements and policies, and proposed regulations and exemptions for the Act), reports on American individual and family incomes from the Census Bureau and the Council of Economic Advisors, the “gender gap” in wages and earnings, the issue of raising the federal minimum wage, proposals for a sub-minimum wage for minors in the workforce (e.g., Youth Employment Opportunity Wage), a 1987 study of farm income, and correspondence from the public regarding wage issues.


LA007                              Welfare – Pensions – Retirement