A primary category containing information pertaining to medals, awards and trophies, including those awarded in the name of the President, which are intended to preserve the remembrance of a notable event or person, or to serve as a reward, tribute, honor, acclaim or special recognition.


Subject categories and sub-categories fully available for research are bolded. Closed categories and sub-categories have a simple phrase describing their contents.


                                    DESCRIPTION OF SECONDARY FILE CODES


File Code                               Description


MA                                          Medals – Awards


MA001                                   All America Cities Award


MA002                                   Bellamy, Francis, Flag Award


MA003                                   Boy-Girl of the year


MA004                                   Brotherhood Awards (All)


MA005                                   Businessman Awards (All)


MA006                                   Career Service Awards


MA007                                   Collier, Robert J., Trophy


MA008                                   Commemorative Medals Medallion


MA009                                   Congressional Space Medal of Honor


MA010                                   Courage Award


MA011                                   Distinguished and Public Service Awards (All)


MA012                                   Driver of the Year


MA013                                   Employer of the Year Awards


MA014                                   Family of Man Award


MA015                                   Farm Family of the Year


MA016                                   Father of the Year


MA017                                   Fermi, Enrico, Award


MA018                                   Flemming, Arthur S., Award


MA019                                   Foreign Service Awards (All)


MA020                                   Freedom Awards


MA021                                   Goddard, Robert, Memorial Trophy


MA022                                   Golden Door Award


MA023                                   Goodwill Worker of the Year, National


MA024                                   Harmon, Clifford B., Trophy


MA025                                   Heart of the Year Award


MA026                                   Hubbard, Gardiner Greene, Gold Medal


MA027                                   Humanitarian Awards (All)


MA028                                   Kennedy, John F., Awards (All)


MA029                                   Lasker, Albert, Medical Research Award


MA030                                   Lawrence, Ernest Orlando, Memorial Award


MA031                                   Life Saving Medals (All)


MA032                                   Man of the Year Awards (All)


MA033                                   Medal of Science Award, National


MA034                                   Military Service Awards (All)


MA035                                   Mother of the Year Awards


MA036                                   Nobel, Alfred B., Prize


MA037                                   Olympic and Pan American Games Award


MA038                                   Outstanding Handicapped Federal Employees of the Year Award


MA039                                   Paperwork Management Award


MA040                                   Peabody, George Foster, Broadcasting Award


MA041                                   Peace Corps Certificates


MA042                                   Physical Fitness Awards (All)


MA043                                   Presidential Citizens Medal


MA044                                   Presidential “E” Awards for Export Service


MA045                                   Presidential Management Improvement Awards


MA046                                   Presidential Prizes for Innovation in Research & Development


MA047                                   President’s Safety Award


MA048                                   Presidential Scholars Awards


MA049                                   President’s Cup Regatta


MA050                                   President’s Environmental Merit Awards


MA051                                   President’s Trophy


MA052                                   Pulitzer, Joseph, Prizes


MA053                                   Roosevelt, Eleanor, Awards (All)


MA054                                   Roosevelt, Franklin, Awards (All)


MA055                                   Security Medal National


MA056                                   Teacher of the Year Award


MA057                                   Volunteer Awards (All)


MA058                                   Washington Honor Medal Awards, George


MA059                                   Woman’s Awards (113 p.)


MA060                                   Incentive Awards


MA061                                   Commander-in-Chief’s Award for Installation Excellence


MA062                                   Edison, Thomas A., Prize