A primary category containing information pertaining to national security functions, including the safeguarding of classified information; restrictions on the use of military aircraft; troop transportation and military operations which involve the planning, preparation and conduct of warfare; the planning, mobilization and management of resources and production for defense needs and for material pertaining to the protection of life and property by preparing for and carrying out non-military functions to prevent, minimize, repair and recover from damage caused by enemy attack, including post attack mobilization plans; Status of Forces Agreement.


Subject categories and sub-categories fully available for research are bolded. Closed categories and sub-categories have a simple phrase describing their contents.


                                 DESCRIPTION OF SECONDARY FILE CODES


File Code                         Description


ND                                  National Security – Defense


ND001                              Aircraft, Military


ND001-01                         Non-Military Use of Aircraft


ND002                             Civil Defense (2.60 linear feet: Boxes 1-6)

A secondary category containing information pertaining to proposed Executive Order regarding the assignment of Emergency Preparedness Responsibilities; Civil Defense planning; National Security Emergency Preparedness (NSEP); proposed Executive Order directing FEMA participation in Nuclear Power Plant Emergency Planning; National Emergency Mobilization Preparedness Plan of Action; and an Executive Order regarding Nuclear Power.


ND003                             Communications-Electronics [National  Defense] (0.4 l.ft.)

This secondary subject category contains material relating to the Navy’s Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) radio communication test facility in Wisconsin; meetings of the Emergency Communications Working Group (see also FG378); the 1983 Defense Department report and Presidential statement on Confidence Buildings Measures (CBM); unclassified Department of Defense reports on communications links with the USSR; Defense Department comments on telecommunications legislation; the drafting of Executive Order 12472 (Assignment of National Security and Emergency Preparedness Telecommuni-cations Functions); and the National Telecommunications and Information Systems Security Committee.


ND004                              Defense Mobilization


ND004-01                         Manpower, Military


ND004-02                         Materials, Military


ND005                              Health – Medical, Military


ND006                              Intelligence


ND007                              Military Personnel


ND007-01                         Casualties – Burials, Military


ND007-02                         Conduct – Deportment – Behavior


ND007-03                         Housing – Quarters, Military


ND007-04                         Courts – Martial


ND007-05                         Pay – Allowances – Pensions


ND007-06                         Promotions – Demotions – Nominations


ND007-07                         Separations – Discharges – Retirement


ND008                              Preparedness, Military


ND009                              Properties – Installations


ND009-01                         Air Force Bases


ND009-02                         Army Bases


ND009-03                         Navy – Marine Bases


ND010                              Reserve Forces – National Guard


ND011                             Security, Military   (2.5 boxes, 1 linear foot)

A secondary subject category containing memorandum, reports, correspondence, mailgrams, bills and testimony regarding the identification and safeguarding of the Federal Government’s national security information, nuclear materials, and the physical security of federal employees.  It particularly contains the sixth, seventh, eleventh and twelfth Annual Report on Domestic Safeguards and Security for Nuclear Material under the Dept. of Energy and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and Congressional correspondence regarding the Department of Energy’s handling of nuclear materials.  The category contains material regarding the new Executive Order 12356 for National Security Information; the Reagan administration’s push for polygraph examinations and reaction to this position; clearance for agency testimony regarding various Congressional bills to restrict polygraph examinations, and public reaction to the Secretary of State’s public refusal to submit to a polygraph examination.


ND011-01                        Classified Information (6 boxes, 4.8 linear feet)

A secondary subject category containing memorandum, reports, correspondence, bills and testimony regarding the procedures for identification and safeguarding of the Federal Government’s national security information, issuance of clearances and White House Executive Office classification authority, identification of unauthorized disclosures (“leaks”) of classified information and access to classified material.  The category contains material regarding the drafting, agency opinions, the Presidential signing statement, and the implementation regulations of the new Executive Order 12356 for National Security Information; clearance for agency testimony and reports regarding various Congressional bills to legislate classification laws (H.R. 131, H.R. 66, H.R. 271); amending Freedom of Information applications of classified restrictions (S. 1335); the Technology Security Act of 1983; regulating public disclosure of CIA information (H.R. 3460, H.R. 4431); the Computer Security Research and Training Act of 1985 (H.R. 2889).  The category also contains correspondence and memorandum regarding the controversial aspects (polygraph testing and pre-publication clearance) of NSDD84 and NSDD 145 (for protection of “sensitive, but unclassified information).


ND011-02                         Personnel Security, Military


ND012                              Service Schools


ND012-01                         Air Force Academy


ND012-02                         Air War College


ND012-03                         Armed Forces Staff College


ND012-04                         Army War College


ND012-05                         Coast Guard Academy


ND012-06                         Industrial College of the Armed Forces


ND012-07                         Merchant Marine Academy


ND012-08                         Military Academy


ND012-09                         National War College


ND012-10                         Naval Academy


ND012-11                         Naval War College


ND012-12                         Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences


ND013                              Ships – Submarines


ND014                              Supplies – Logistics


ND015                              Vehicles – Wheel – Track – Amphibious


ND016                              Wars


ND017                             Warfare (1-2 Boxes, .8 linear feet)

A secondary subject category containing memos, correspondence, reports, and notes regarding Vietnam veterans and Agency Orange (S. 433), public support for chemical warfare, public concern about production of chemical weapons, and the movement of them in the United States, public concern about nuclear war and weapons, public affairs efforts to build support for the Defense Dept. strategy for binary chemical weapons, United States’ accusations against the Soviet Union for using chemical weapons in Afghanistan and southeast Asia, and legislative strategies to obtain congressional approval for the chemical weapons program.


ND018                             Weapons – Ordinance – Munitions (21.4 linear feet; Box


A secondary subject category containing correspondence with Congress and the general public, memoranda, and Reagan administration testimony before Congress relating to nuclear arms control, nuclear arms, deployment of the MX missile, nuclear freeze movement, SALT II, START negotiations, nuclear non-proliferation policy, limiting nuclear testing, the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI, or “Star Wars”), the INF Treaty and ratification, and other United States/Soviet Union weapons and arms control issues. Approximately 15% of the documents within this category retain national security classification markings and are not available for public use at this time.  The Library has returned the material to originating government agencies for declassification review.