A primary category containing information pertaining to material of a personal or quasi-personal nature written to the President or his family.


Subject categories and sub-categories fully available for research are bolded. Closed categories and sub-categories have a simple phrase describing their contents.


                                    DESCRIPTION OF SECONDARY FILE CODES


File Code                               Description


PP                                           Presidential Personal


PP001                                    Articles – Books – Booklets (Written by the President)


PP002                                    Articles – Books – Booklets (Written about the President)


PP003                                    Contributions by the President


PP004                                    Doubles of the President


PP005                                    Family, Presidential


PP005-01                              First Lady


PP005-02                              Reagan, Maureen (Daughter)


PP005-03                              Reagan, Michael and Colleen (Son)


PP005-04                              Reagan, Patti (Patricia) Davis (Daughter)


PP005-05                              Reagan, Ronald and Maria (Son)


PP005-06                              Reagan, Neil (Moon) (Brother of the President)


PP005-07                              Davis, Loyal and Edith (DeeDee) (First Lady’s Parents)


PP006                                    Income Tax, President’s


PP007                                    Summonses and Subpoenas (Presidential)


PP008                                    Insurance, President’s


PP009                                    Memberships, President’s


PP009-01                              Memberships – Accepted


PP009-02                              Memberships – Denied


PP010                                    Messages received by the President


PP010-01                              Birthday, Message received by the President


PP010-02                              Condolence – Sympathy, Message received by the President


PP010-03                              Election – Nomination – Primaries (Message Received)


PP010-04                              Holiday, Message received by the President


PP010-05                              Inaugural – Anniversary Messages received by the President


PP010-06                              Wedding Anniversary Messages received by the President


PP010-07                              Special First Family Event Messages Received by the President


PP011                                    Named in honor of the President


PP012                                    Personal Data, Presidential


PP012-01                              Degrees tendered or conferred on the President


PP012-02                              Education, President’s


PP012-03                              Genealogical Data, Presidential


PP012-04                              Health, President’s


PP012-05                              Homes, Presidential


PP012-06                              Medals – Citations – Decorations – Awards


PP012-07                              Military Service, President’s


PP012-08                              Religious Affiliation, President’s


PP012-09                              Trust Fund – Financial Affairs


PP012-10                              Wearing Apparel, President’s


PP012-11                              Biographies, Presidential


PP013                                    Post-Administration Suggestions, Presidential


PP014                                    Preferences – Hobbies


PP014-01                              Anecdotes – Jokes, President’s favorite


PP014-02                              Arts – Artists – Painting, President’s favorite


PP014-03                              Bible Passages, Prayers, President’s favorite


PP014-04                              Books – Authors – Poetry – Prose – Fiction


PP014-05                              Card Games, President’s favorite


PP014-06                              Dancing, President’s favorite


PP014-07                              Flowers, President’s favorite


PP014-08                              Food – Recipes – Cooking, President’s favorite


PP014-09                              Motion Pictures – Theatre, President’s favorite


PP014-10                              Music – Composers, President’s favorite


PP014-11                              Numismatics, President’s favorite


PP014-12                              Pets, President’s favorite


PP014-13                              Philately, President’s favorite


PP014-14                              Photography, President’s favorite


PP014-15                              Quotations, President’s favorite


PP014-16                              Sports, President’s favorite


PP014-17                              Writing, President’s favorite


PP015                                    Voting, President’s