[PR – PR-13]


Subject categories and sub-categories fully available for research are bolded. Closed categories and sub-categories have a simple phrase describing their contents.




File Code                               Description


PR                                          Public Relations (0.2 ft; box 1)

A secondary subject category containing correspondence from the public, friends of the President, and members of Congress.  Letters concern general support, or inform the President/staff of views on ongoing projects.


PR001                                    Administration Appreciation Letters (3.3 ft; boxes 1-10)

A secondary subject category containing letters of appreciation to and from the public, entertainment figures, businesspeople, sports figures, members of Congress, state officials, White House staff, individuals involved in events, organizations, and campaigns of the Administration, SES personnel, personnel in agencies, departments, the Executive residence, and Schedule C personnel.


PR002                                    Administration Complaints-Criticism (0.3 ft; box 11)

A secondary subject category containing criticisms of Administration policies (both foreign and domestic), from the public and from Congress.  Examples include criticism of education policies, the deficit, taxes, care for the poor, and treatment of veterans.


PR003                                    Administration Support (7.4 ft; boxes 11-29)

A secondary subject category containing messages of support sent to the President and his staff from the public, friends, relatives, schoolchildren, members of Congress, state and local officials, and businessmen.  Includes messages of general support, support of foreign and domestic policies, support for his re-election, congratulations on his election victory, offers of assistance to the Administration, and support of his two-term Presidency.


PR004                                    Anonymous - Illegible Communications (0.1 ft; box 29)

A secondary subject category containing messages and letters from anonymous correspondents concerning personal hardship cases, requests for assistance, contributions from donors, and emigration to the United States.


PR005                                    Autographs - Photographs (3.1 ft; boxes 29-36)

A secondary subject category containing requests for photographs and autographed photographs of the President, First Lady, Cabinet members, and the White House from the public and members of Congress on behalf of constituents.  Includes requests to autograph citations, military commissions, and photo schedule proposals; photograph sessions with the President.


PR005-01                              Autograph granted, Presidential (23.7 ft; boxes 36-95)

A secondary subject category containing correspondence regarding Presidential autograph and photograph requests granted by the administration.  Includes requests for photos and autographs of the President, First Lady, and cabinet members; sample mail answered by inscribed photos; handwritten responses from the President; requests for photograph sessions; and requests for specific photos from members of Congress on behalf of their constituents, general public, acquaintances of the President and First Lady, and foreign dignitaries. 


PR005-02                              Handwriting - Holographs, Presidential (0.1 ft; box 96)

A secondary subject category containing requests for drawings by the President, handwritten signatures, and signatures for photos from collectors, and the public. 


PR006                                    Contests - Essays (0.6 ft; boxes 96-97)

A secondary subject category containing correspondence regarding children's essays, essay contest winners, essays on foreign and domestic issues, and acknowledgments of various contest winners.


PR007                                    Engagements-Appointments-Interviews

                                                (22.4 ft; boxes 1-56)

A secondary subject category containing information pertaining to requests, both granted and declined (primarily decline), for appointments and interviews with the President, as well as the First Lady and the Vice President; including requests from congressmen, senators, members of the press, special interest groups, school groups, sports teams, senior citizens groups, beauty pageant winners, celebrities from sports or the entertainment industry; as well as requests from various groups for the President to attend or speak at conventions, meetings, luncheons, dinners or other types of events.


PR007-01                              Presidential Appointments-Granted (12.8 ft; boxes 1-33)

A secondary subject category containing material pertaining to appointments, meetings, and activities of the President, the Vice President and the First Lady.  Items include Schedule Proposals; Approved Presidential Activities; Block Schedules; Long-Term Scheduling Proposals; Agenda; Itineraries; Daily, Weekly and Monthly Schedules; Schedules of Foreign Visitors; Requests for appointments; correspondence and memoranda regarding meeting topics; scheduling strategy; background information; transcripts of meetings including memorandum of conversations; statistical reports regarding the frequency of Presidential meetings with various constituencies; Office of Public Liaison Weekly Schedules; documentation regarding the Presidential Diary System and the President's yearly desk calendars.  At the end of the administration, copies of the President's schedules for January 1981 - May 1983 and for January 1989 were transferred to the Office of Records Management as a block.  Many of these schedules contain notations of changes which should also be reflected in the Presidential Daily Diary. 


The Library has transferred some material, originally filed in this category by the Office of Records Management, to the following staff member and office file collections:  U.S. Secret Service: Presidential Movement Logs; U.S. Secret Service: F-1 (Residence) Logs; Presidential Daily Diary; and the Arthur B. Culvahouse Collection.


PR007-02                              Presidential Telephone Calls (11.6 ft.; boxes 1-29)

A secondary subject category containing information pertaining to Presidential telephone calls, including background, topics of discussion and memorandums for calls to congressmen and senators regarding pending legislation on such issues as the MX missile, B-1 bomber, foreign economic and military aid, aid to the Nicaraguan contras, tax reform acts, budget legislation and calls regarding nominations of judges and individuals for positions in the administration; requests from congressman, senators, and the general public for congratulatory telephone calls, birthday and get well greetings, and condolence calls. 


This category contains many examples of President Reagan's handwritten notes and comments regarding the telephone calls he made.


Presidential telephone logs covering the eight years of the Reagan Administration are also contained in this category.  Within the individual folders, the logs are arranged in reverse chronological order and are located in the following containers:


            Container Nos.                    Date Span for Telephone Logs


            Container 8                                      01/20/81 - 06/06/81

            Container 9                                      06/07/81 - 04/11/82

            Container 10                                    04/12/82 - 01/23/83

            Container 11                                    01/24/83 - 10/18/83

            Container 12                                    10/19/83 - 12/31/83

            Container 16                                    01/01/84 - 03/24/84

            Container 17                                    03/24/84 - 12/21/84

            Container 18                                    12/22/84 - 10/25/85

            Container 19                                    10/26/85 - 12/03/85

            Container 24                                    01/01/86 - 07/18/86

            Container 25                                    07/19/86 - 04/30/87

            Container 26                                    05/01/87 - 3/31/88

            Container 27                                    04/01/88 - 01/18/89


PR008                                    Exhibits - Fairs - Expositions   (1.7 ft.; boxes 1-5)

A secondary subject category containing information pertaining to Federal Government participation in major and minor exhibitions and expositions, including U.S. participation in the 1982 Knoxville Energy Exposition, the 1984 New Orleans World's Exposition, and the site selection for a proposed World's Fair in 1992.  Also includes requests for the President to participate in exhibits and expositions.


PR009                                    Graphics   (0.1 ft.; box 5)

A secondary subject category containing posters, graphs, charts and other artwork submitted to the President or created by the Federal Government.


PR010                                    Lists of Names - Mailing Lists   (0.8 ft.; boxes 5-7)

A secondary subject category containing lists of names compiled by White House staff for particular events or subject areas, requests to be added to or deleted from White House mailing lists, and invitation lists for White House events.


PR011                                    Motion Pictures - Film Strips - Recordings  

                                                (21 ft; boxes 7-59)

A secondary subject category containing information pertaining to requests for the President to make video or audio recordings; to appear in or endorse films, radio programs, and television programs; to make public service announcements; requests to film on the White House grounds; requests for the President or the White House staff to view audio and video recordings sent to the White House by the general public, organizations, media groups, and other government offices; and similar requests for the First Lady.


PR012                                    Pens - Ceremonial   (2.4 ft; boxes 1-6)

A secondary subject category containing information pertaining to the President presenting ceremonial signing pens; Congressional requests for pens used by the President in signing legislation; requests from the general public for any pen used by the President; type of pen used; and procedures for the provision of pens.


PR013                                    Petitions - Resolutions - Multiple Signa­tures

                                                (12.4 ft.; boxes 1-31)

A secondary subject category containing material documenting the reception and handling of petitions, mass mailings, resolutions, and notifications of resolutions, mostly from nongovernmental bodies.  Sources include chambers of commerce, business and agricultural alliances, political organizations, religious and ethnic associations, veterans groups, student/academic bodies, and, infrequently, state legislatures and Congress.  Some incoming material addressed ongoing policy areas such as the economy, crime, foreign relations (including the nuclear freeze movement and the Vietnam POW/MIA issue), civil rights, immigration, and the environment.  Other frequent subjects were headline events such as the shooting down of KAL Flight 007 (1983) and the President's trip to Bitburg (1985); AIDS; and Iran-Contra.  Also represented are various matters of narrow or local interest, including pardon requests.


PR013-01                              Petitions - Resolutions from State Officials

                                                (4.9 ft.; boxes 32-44)

A secondary subject category containing material relating to the White House's reception and handling of resolutions, petitions, mass mailings, and related materials sent from (and usually created by) agencies representing states, possessions, commonwealths, trust territories, or regions.  Such agencies were usually legislatures, political organizations, agricultural groups, or business associations.  Topics included:  agricultural, trade, economic, and environmental issues; federal projects or designations in a given state; the status of U.S. possessions and trust territories; headlining issues, such as human rights abroad, nuclear proliferation, and the Vietnam POW/MIA controversy; and ceremonial condolences, commemorations, and expressions of support.  Many of the topics, especially those of nationwide interest, are also located in PR013 and PR013-02.


PR013-02                              Petitions - Resolutions from Local Government

            Official   (6.4 ft.; boxes 44-59)

A secondary subject category containing material documenting the White House's reception and handling of resolutions, mass mailings, petitions, and related materials which originated with, or were sent by, local organizations.  These local organizations were usually governmental, political, or religious.  Predominant topics were:  federal financial aid to localities, as through block grants or General Revenue Sharing; local federal projects, facilities, and land-use designations, either established or proposed; human rights abroad, the Vietnam POW/MIA controversy, nuclear arms, Social Security, and other national issues; and calls for commemorative acts, such as the renaming of a local structure.  Many of the topics, especially those drawn from headline events (such as the shooting down of KAL Flight 007), are also located in PR013 and PR013-01.