(6.0 linear feet; boxes 1-15)


A primary subject category containing information pertaining to fire prevention; standards of industrial safety; hazard­ous occu­pations; safety codes; studies; ser­vices; search and rescue; as well as demonstrations and tech­nical assistance in research programs to deter­mine the extent and cause of accidents, their pre­vention and control.


Subject categories and sub-categories fully available for research are bolded. Closed categories and sub-categories have a simple phrase describing their contents.


                              DESCRIPTION OF SECONDARY FILE CODES


File Code                          Description


SA                                      Safety - Accident Prevention (0.4 ft.; box 1)

A secondary subject category which contains information on safety issues surrounding radia­tion, rail­road cross­ings, and other potential hazards not represent­ed by a specific SA sec­ondary cate­gory.  Also contains material docu­menting safe­ty and acci­dents generally, such as the Nation­al Safe­ty Coun­cil's annual re­ports.


SA001                               Fire Safety (0.2 ft.; box 2)

A subject category containing information and policy regarding firefighting, fire­fight­ers, and fire prevention regulations.


SA002                               Highway Traffic Safety (2.7 ft.; boxes 2-9)

A subject category containing information rele­vant to motor vehicle accidents and casual­ties.  Prominent issues represented are drunk and drugged driving; airbags and other automatic crash protection; seat belt use, particularly by Federal employ­ees; and the national 55 M.P.H. speed limit.  Material documents govern­ment and pri­vate-sec­tor cam­paigns on traffic-related issues such as drunk driving.  Sta­tis­tical data, such as in the De­part­ment of Trans­por­ta­tion's annual re­ports on highway and motor vehicle safety, is also in­cluded.


SA003                               Industrial Occupational Safety (1.5 ft.; boxes 9-13)

A subject category containing informa­tion on occupa­tions, such as con­struction, which are federal­ly regulated be­cause of their high risk poten­tial.  In­clud­es annu­al federal government re­ports on occupational safety and health, and on the safety of gas and liquid pipelines spe­cifical­ly.


SA004                               Marine Safety (0.2 ft.; box 13)

A subject category consisting of legisla­tion, procla­ma­tions, and other material related to boat and harbor safe­ty.


SA005                               Mine Safety (1.0 ft.; boxes 13-15)

                             A subject category containing information on feder­al mine regulations and inspections, including annual federal government reports on mine safe­ty.