[SP601 – SP931]


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File Code                               Description


SP601-27                              Saturday Radio Speech, 12/25/82 (100 pp.)

[Xmas Radio Address]


SP601-45                              Saturday Radio Speech, 7/9/83 (100 pp.) [Fairness]


SP601-55                              Saturday Radio Speech, 12/24/83 (50 pp.) [Christmas]


SP601-57                              Saturday Radio Speech, 7/23/83


SP601-64                              Saturday Radio Speech, 9/10/83


SP601-66                              Saturday Radio Speech, 9/24/83


SP629                                    London Trip Remarks, 6/8/82 (200 pp.)           


SP644                                    Balanced Budget Constitutional Amendment Rally, 7/19/82 (100 pp. [Kickoff Rally at the U.S. Capitol for the Balanced Budget Constitutional Amendment]


SP658                                    Middle East Proposals, Address to the Nation, 9/1/82

(200 pp.)


SP723                                    Olympic Committee Fundraiser Luncheon 1984, Los Angeles, 3/3/84


SP729                                    National Association of Evangelicals, Orlando, Florida, 3/8/83 (100 pp. [The “Evil Empire” speech]


SP735                                    Budget, Address to the Nation, White House, D.C., 3/23/83 (500 pp.)  [Address to the Nation on Defense and National Security, SDI Speech]


SP781                                    National Commission on Excellence in Education, 6/30/83 (50 pp.)


SP799                                    Address to the Nation Regarding the Soviet Attack on Korean Airliner (KAL007), 9/5/83 (200 pp.)


SP807                                    International Monetary Fund, New York 9/27/83


SP808                                    Women’s Sports Foundation Reception, September 26, 1983 (23 p.)


SP818                                    Grenada/Lebanon 10/27/83 (400 pp.) [Address to the Nation on the Bombing of the Marine Barracks in Lebanon and the U.S. Invasion of Grenada].


SP830                                    Christmas in Washington Concert, 12/11/83 (20 pp.)


SP832-19                              Saturday Radio Speech, 5/12/84 (50 pp.) [Education]


SP832-30                              Saturday Radio Speech, 7/28/84


SP832-33                              Saturday Radio Speech, 8/18/84


SP832-36                              Saturday Radio Speech, 9/8/84 (50 pp.)

[Educational Challenges]


SP833                                    Soviet/U.S. Relations, 1/16/84 (450 pp.)


SP840                                    President Reagan’s Re-Election Announcement, 1/29/84 (75 pp.)


SP844                                    National Prayer Breakfast, Washington Hilton, D.C., 2/2/84 (48pp.)


SP861                                    Women in Business Conference, April 4, 1984 (190 p.)


SP878                                    Central American Address, 5/9/84 (900 pp.)


SP884                                    Vietnam Unknown Soldier Arrival Ceremony, 5/25/84

(25 pp.)


SP885                                    Vietnam Unknown Soldiers Entombment, Arlington National Cemetery, 5/28/84 (125 pp.)


SP886                                    Olympic Training Center, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 5/29/85


SP889                                    Ireland Speeches (on TR105-01), 6/1-4/84  (772 pp.)


SP891                                    D-Day Ceremonies, Normandy, 6/6/84 (225 pp.)


SP904                                    United States Olympic Team, Univ. of Southern Calif., 7/28/84


SP905                                    Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony, L.A. Coliseum, 7/28/84


SP918                                    Christmas in Washington Concert, 12/9/84 (20 pp.)


SP925                                    National Prayer Breakfast, Washington Hilton, D.C., 1/31/85


SP930-10                              Saturday Radio Speech, 3/30/85


SP930-18                              Saturday Radio Speech [Prelude to Tax Plan], 5/25/85

(62 pp.)


SP930-19                              Saturday Radio Speech [Tax Reform Plan], 6/1/85 (54 pp.)


SP930-21                              Saturday Radio Speech, 6/15/85 (100 pp.) [Fairness]


SP930-25                              Saturday Radio Speech, 7/13/85 (52 pp.)

[Strategic Defense Initiative]


SP930-42                              Saturday Radio Speech, 11/9/85 (125 pp.)

[Geneva Summit]


SP930-45                              Saturday Radio Speech, 11/23/85 (55 pp.)

[Geneva Summit]


SP930-47                              Saturday Radio Speech [Nicaragua & Tax Reform], 12/14/85 (107 pp.)


SP930-68                              Saturday Radio Speech [Taxes], 5/10/86 (62 pp.)


SP930-83                              Saturday Radio Speech [Tax Reform], 8/23/86 (72 pp.)


SP930-87                              Saturday Radio Speech [Tax Reform], 9/20/86 (78 pp.)


SP931-31                              Saturday Radio Speech, 7/4/87 (80 pp.)  [Economic Bill of Rights; Bork Nomination]


SP931-42                              Saturday Radio Speech, 9/19/87 (120 pp.) [Bork, Shevardnadze, and the Budget]                       


SP931-44                              Saturday Radio Speech, 10/3/87 (110 pp.)

[Bork Nomination]


SP931-45                              Saturday Radio Speech, 10/10/87 (80 pp.) 

[Bork Nomination]


SP931-48                              Saturday Radio Speech, 10/31/87 (85 pp.) [Supreme Court Nominee and Budget]


SP931-50                              Saturday Radio Speech, 11/14/87 (85 pp.) Kennedy, Central America, and Budget]


SP931-65                              Saturday Radio Speech, 1/3/87 (100 pp.) [Budget]


SP931-92                              Saturday Radio Speech, 9/3/88 (50 pp.) [Jobs and Welfare Reform]