[SP951 – SP1316]


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File Code       Description


SP951            State Dinner Toast, Bonn Germany, 05/14/1984 (800 pp.)


SP962            Tax Reform Plan Address to the Nation, White House, 05/28/1985 (229 pp.)


SP972            Tax Reform Rally, Bloomfield, NJ, 06/13/1985 (164 pp.)


SP976            Remarks: Ceremony for Marines Killed in El Salvador, Andrews Air Force Base:



SP979            Chicago Community Leaders Luncheon, Chicago IL, 03/28/1985 (180 pp.)


SP989            New Hampshire State House Tax Plan, Concord, NH, 09/18/1985 (117 pp.)


SP990            Tax Plan Rally, County Courthouse, Athens, TN, 09/24/1985 (145 pp.)


SP995            Business Forum on Tax Forum, Cincinnati, OH, 10/03/1985 (85 pp.)


SP1004          United Nations General Assembly, 10/24/1985 (745 pp.)


SP1006          Abnor, James, Reception, DC 10/29/1985 (90 pp.)


SP1010          Pre-Geneva Summit Speech, White House, 11/14/1985 (1,600 pp.)


SP1011          Geneva Summit, US-USSR Speeches (100 pp.)


SP1012          North Atlantic Council, Brussels, Belgium (35 p.)


SP1013          Joint Session of the Congress, Geneva Report, 11/21/1985 (200 pp.)


SP1016          Fallston High School, Maryland, 12/04/1985 (390 pp.)


SP1019          Christmas in Washington Concert, 12/15/1985 (50 pp.)


SP1022          Republican House Members, Tax Reform, DC, 12/16/1985 (83 pp.)


SP1029          Space Shuttle Challenger Crew, 01/28/1986 (100 pp.)


SP1034          National Prayer Breakfast, Hilton Hotel, D.C.; 02/06/1986 (130 pp)


SP1047          O’Neill, Tip, Dinner, Washington, DC 03/17/1986 (60 pp.)


SP1091          Drug Abuse and Prevention, 09/14/1986  (625 pp.)


SP1094          United Nations General Assembly, 10/08/1986 (850 pp.)


SP1101          Abdnor, James Fundraiser/Rally, Sioux Falls, SD 09/29/1986 (224 pp.)


SP1102          World Bank/International Monetary Fund, D.C. 09/30/1986 (450 pp.)


SP1106          Iceland, Reykjavik, Gorbachev/Regan Meetings, 10/09/1986 (200 pp.)


SP1107          Iceland Summit, 10/13/1986 [Address to the Nation Regarding the Pre-Summit

                                    Meeting with Gorbachev in Reykjavik] (200 pp.)


SP1109          Manwakin South Regional High School of New Jersey, 10/15/1986 (75 pp.)


SP1111          Iran Arms Shipment, 11/13/1986 (40 pp.)


SP1114          Iran, Contras and Arms, 12/06/1986 (25 pp.)


SP1116          Christmas in Washington, 12/14/1986 (25 pp.)


SP1117          National Prayer Breakfast, 02/5/1987 (80pp.)


SP1120          Iran-Contra Speech, 03/04/1987 [Address to the Nation in Response to the

                                    Findings of the Tower Board] (100 pp.)


SP1127          College of Physicians of Philadelphia, PA, 04/01/1987 (200 pp.)


SP1146          Webster, William, CIA Swearing-in, Virginia, 05/26/1987  (119 pp.)


SP1148          American Association for Aids Research, D.C., 05/31/1987 (200 pp.)


SP1150          Trip to Germany, 06/12/1987 (800 pp.)


SP1163          AIDS, National Institute of Health, 07/23/1987


SP1181          United Nations General Assembly, N.Y., 09/21/1987 (600 pp.)


SP1183          World Bank/International Monetary Fund, 09/29/1987 (300 pp.)


SP1188          Bork, Robert Confirmation, D.C., 10/14/1987 (140 pp.)


SP1196          Worldnet via Satellite, 11/03/1987 (400 pp.)


SP1203          SDI/INF, Denver, CO 11/24/1986 (225 pp.)


SP1204          Heritage Foundation, DC, 11/30/1987 (355 pp.)


SP1205          Duval County High School Seniors, 12/01/1987 (210 pp.)


SP1208          American & Soviet Peoples Message, 12/08/1987 (80 pp.)


SP1209          Soviet Embassy, Dinner toast, 12/09/1987 (100 pp.)


SP1210          Christmas in Washington, 12/13/1987 (25 pp.)


SP1211          US-USSR Summit, D.C., 12/10/1987 [Address to the Nation Following the

                                    Summit with Gorbachev, at which the INF Treaty was Signed] (300 pp.)


SP1213          Hope, Bob Cultural Center, Palm Springs, 1/2/88  (45 pp.)


SP1225          National Prayer Breakfast, 02/04/1988 (45pp)


SP1231          Worldnet, Satellite Channel, VOA, 02/23/1988 (200 pp.)


SP1253          World Affairs Council, Springfield, MA 04/21/1988 (280 pp.)


SP1256          National Strategy Forum, Chicago, IL, 05/02/1988 (470 pp.)


SP1259          Coast Guard Academy Graduation Ceremony, 05/18/1988 (295 pp.)


SP1262          Moscow Summit – Arrival & Departure, 05/25/1988-06/03/1988 (155 pp.)


SP1263          US-USSR Summit Opening Remarks (Moscow), 05/29/1988 (1,600 pp.)


SP1264          US Embassy Personnel, 06/03/1988 (360 pp.)


SP1265          East-West Relations – Finland Hall, Helsinki, Finland, 05/29/1985 (500 pp.)


SP1266          Worldnet via Satellite, 05/23/1988 (700 pp.)


SP1308          Christmas in Washington, 12/11/1988 (25 pp.)


SP1314          Address to the Nation (Farewell), 01/11/1989 (800 pp.)


SP1316          Dropby Annual Dinner of American Association of Knights of Malta, 01/13/1989

(125 pp.)