A primary category containing information pertaining to international trade, tariff and quotas or other restrictions on imports into the United States and its possessions, exports and export licenses form the United States, the Antidumping Act, reciprocal trade agreements.


Subject categories and sub-categories fully available for research are bolded. Closed categories and sub-categories have a simple phrase describing their contents.




File Code Description


TA Trade


TA001 Boycotts Embargoes


TA002 Buy American program


TA003 Exports


TA004 Tariffs Imports


TA004-01 Chemicals and Allied Products, Trade

TA004-02 Coal, Trade


TA004-03 Food and Kindred Products, Trade


TA004-04 Furniture Fixtures Trade


TA004-05 Instruments and Related Products, Trade


TA004-06 Lumber Wood Paper


TA004-07 Machinery, (Motors) Trade


TA004-08 Metal Products Trade


TA004-09 Miscellaneous Manufacturers Trade


TA004-10 Ordnance and Accessories Trade


TA004-11 Petroleum (Gas Oil)


TA004-12 Plastics Rubber Tires Leather Products


TA004-13 Stone Clay and Glass Products


TA004-14 Textiles Apparel


TA004-15 Tobacco Trade (.6 ft)

A secondary subject category containing memos, correspondence, and reports re: the International Trade Commission investigations of certain tobacco imports; requests for emergency relief re tobacco imports; Japan-U.S. cigarette trade; proposal to eliminate tariffs on certain tropical products e.g. tobacco and cigarettes.


TA004-16 Transportation Equipment Trade (Finished Product)


TA005 Trade Agreements


TA006 Trade Centers Fairs and Missions