A primary category containing information pertaining to public utilities in the communications and power (energy) fields. This includes communications by wire or radio, facilities and charges, generating, transmitting and distributing electric power, vs. private power (production and sale) natural and artificial gas production and distribution.


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File Code Description


UT Utilities


UT001 Communications Telecommunications (3 ft, boxes 1-9)

A secondary category containing memorandums, correspondence, reports, and papers pertaining administration policy regard utility issues, specifically in the area of communications and telecommunications; the creation of alternative satellite communications systems that would compete with the International Satellite Organizations (INTELSAT); antitrust litigation against American Telephone and Telegraph (ATT), which led to the break up of ATT; deregulation legislation; the purchase of parts for a new Land Remote Sensing Satellite (LANDSAT); private sector space communications initiatives; and legislation regarding wiretaps.


UT001-01 Radio Television


UT001-02 Telegraph Cables


UT001-03 Telephone


UT002 Electricity


UT003 Gas, Utility


UT004 Water Supply