A primary category containing information pertaining to improving the welfare, environment and physical fitness of all people, developing community welfare services, physically handicapped, family planning, national goals and social trends.


Subject categories and sub-categories fully available for research are bolded. Closed categories and sub-categories have a simple phrase describing their contents.


                                 DESCRIPTION OF SECONDARY FILE CODES


File Code                         Description


WE                                  Welfare


WE001                             Children


WE001-01                         Child Welfare Services


WE002                             Correctional Institutions


WE003                              Family Planning – Abortion

                                        (6.8 l.ft.; boxes 1-17 + Oversize Box 1)

This secondary subject category contains material relating to the abortion controversy and other aspects of family planning. Most material pertains to abortion, including proposed laws and Constitutional amendments that would restrict it, the use of federal funds by groups involved with abortion and family planning (such as under Title X of the Public Health Service Act), the 1984 International Conference on Population and Abortion, the use of federal funds for international organizations involved in abortion and other aspects of family planning, parental notification for minors seeking abortions, Presidential messages to pro-life groups, and Administration correspondence on abortion with organizations and individuals (mostly those opposed to unrestricted abortion). There is also correspondence pertaining to the 1982 “Baby Doe” infanticide case, and a few reports and other documents pertaining to organizations involved with adoption (cf. WHORM Subject File category WE001-01). Finally, there is material (mostly 1986-1989) that pertains more generally to pro-family issues and groups, including Administration working groups on the family.


WE004                             Fund Drives


WE004-01                         United Community Campaigns


WE005                             Geriatrics


WE006                             Physical Fitness


WE007                             Social Security


WE008                             Vocational Rehabilitation


WE009                             Youth Programs


WE010                             Poverty Programs